PHP and mysql

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Web Development Course in Dhaka With Live International Projects
Did you know that 'Open Source Programming' with PHP/MySQL is one of the most lucrative opportunities in the job scene today? Going through a good PHP/MySQL training course in Dhaka can take you places.
A complete industrial course-package in PHP/MySQL Programming :

  • Introduction to PHP/MySQL
  • Taking User Input from Forms via PHP
  • Variables and Expressions in PHP
  • Conditional Tests and Events in PHP
  • PHP Flow Control
  • PHP Configuration
  • PHP Functions
  • Storing Data in Arrays using PHP
  • Handling Databases with PHP
  • String Manipulation in PHP
  • Sessions and Cookies in PHP
  • File and Directory Access Using PHP
  • Other I/O Issues in PHP
  • Handling Email with PHP
  • Object Orientation in PHP

These are some extremely popular web applications you must be using or have heard about often. These dynamic web applications have changed the way we use the Internet today. We are talking about a new generation of dynamic/interactive websites that operates according to the visitors and/or the administrators. 'Open Source Programming' powers these applications!

Course Duration
  • 3 Months
  • Flexible timing.
  • No need to join in batches!
Course Fees & Payment Method
  • Introductory offer: TK.16,000/-
  • 1st Instalment - TK.8,000/-
  • 2nd Instalment - TK.8,000/-
  • One time course fee: TK.15,000/-